Enosoft DV Processor

Enosoft DV Processor 1.5

The Enosoft DV Processor is a video production tool
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The Enosoft DV Processor is a versatile and powerful tool that will save you time and money throughout the many stages of your video production. It is primarily designed to perform real-time processing on DV streams, either from an attached DV device or from existing DV AVI files. The processed DV streams can be sent to another attached DV device, a new DV AVI file or onto the computer's display.

Comprehensive Feature Set

The key functions range from the relatively mundane - capture DV, send existing DV files back to a device etc - to real-time logo insertion, aspect ratio conversion, timecode burn-in and synchronous control/capture from devices connected to separate computers on a local network. It also includes real-time video and audio proc amps complete with vectorscope and waveform displays - now you can adjust brightness, contrast, hue/phase, audio levels etc on the fly in real-time.

For an example of using the video proc amp features, see the How-To guide for correcting white balance problems.

Monitor Your Recordings In The Field

Whether shooting to tape or directly to disk, you can monitor the critical features of your video and audio to ensure the highest quality recording. With professional features such as audio and video vectorscopes, a waveform monitor, peak program audio meters and a 1:1 video monitor, you can ensure that your video and audio equipment are correctly set up.

Real-Time Video and Audio Processing - During or After Recording

Imagine being able to correct white balance problems or boost weak audio in real-time while recording to disk. With the Enosoft DV Processor, you can. Alternatively, you can correct previous recordings while they are being sent to an external camcorder or deck.

Synchronized MultiCam Recording

The Enosoft DV Processor lets you record from multiple sources at the same time. The recordings can be synchronized to save time later when editing with your multicam NLE software. Moreover, you can use the software on a network and, from a single location, make perfectly synchronized recordings from cameras located in different places.

Device-To-Device Processing - No Need To Capture To Disk First

The Enosoft DV Processor doesn't tie you to your hard disk. You can apply the full power of the software to DV signals without even having to capture to disk! Simply insert the computer between two DV devices and use it like a standalone hardware audio and video processor. Everything takes place in the native DV signal domain - something only found in hardware costing $1000s. Device-to-device processing will free you from many hours of capturing, NLE processing and sending back to your external video equipment.

Just-In-Time Output

Thanks to the Enosoft DV Processor's advanced real-time DV processing engine, you can apply certain effects to video at the time that you send it from the computer to your external video equipment. This means that you can use your NLE software to create your edited video just once but be able to record different versions. For example, if you produce widescreen videos, you can record the widescreen version and, then, without having to re-render the entire video, record a letterboxed version. Likewise, you can watermark to your videos, add timecode information (such as for making dailies) or channel-brand them.

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